– SETTING UP CAMP – Ian Levine, Angus Bishop


I spotted Ian as soon as he arrived for summer camp. Something about him instantly got my attention. He looked so young, so innocent, so lost somehow, and yet there was something, lurking behind his eyes, which made me think he knew stuff. Over the next few days, I could sense him staring at me. When I looked back, he invariably looked away, but as time wore on, he got pretty good at holding my gaze. Certainly long enough for me to know that he was up for it.

I set up an orienteering task for him and another young recruit who Scoutmaster Wolf had been fooling around with. I had my wicked way with both of them in the forest and then again in the privacy of my tent.

Ian took to it like a duck to water and I enjoyed every moment with him. Pretty soon, I was finding every opportunity I could to get him on his own. I became almost obsessed with getting my dick inside his tight little ass.

He was a good scout. He could build a decent fire, tie all sorts of complicated ropes, cook a fairly edible meal.. The one thing he couldn’t do, however, was put up a tent. He was forever having to get the other guys to help him, much to his great embarrassment.

Yesterday, a few of the boys joined me on a hike right out into the forest and, after arriving at our designated camping spot for the night, I saw him sneaking off into the trees with his backpack. I knew exactly what he was doing. He was going to practice putting up his tent away from the gaze of the other boys. I followed and watched from a distance.



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