– SCARY CAMP STORIES – Austin L Young, Rick Fantana, Oliver James


This is my first time at Scout camp. I think I always wanted to join the Scouts but always felt a bit nervous about the idea of being away from home! It’s not that I’m a Mommy’s boy – it’s just that the kids in High School who were in the Scouts tended to be the ones who got into fights and skipped classes. And that just didn’t seem much like me…

I’ll confess – I only decided to sign up for this particular summer camp when I heard that this dream-some guy in the year above me was also going. I decided it was meant to be. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I got here and discovered he’d changed his mind and gone off to theater camp instead! But, hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that, and it turns out the Scouts is exactly my sort of thing!

I took my pledge of honor with Scoutmaster Fantana. I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect but he made me feel really special. When a powerful man like that, a man you respect so much, shows that he’s interested in you, well, it makes you feel that little bit more confident, doesn’t it?

Scoutmaster Fantana is amazing. He’s not all that tall, but he’s got these really deep, almost sad, grey eyes. And his body is incredible. He’s so ripped!! When he first took his shirt off in front of me, I was amazed. He’s not hairy like the other Scout leaders, but he kind of radiates strength! And when I saw his massive, veiny dick completely hard – for me – I couldn’t contain my excitement.



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