– Quickly Boy Clean Up – Eric Lenn, Gregor Gilead


It’s so hard to get up in the morning. Unless, of course, you have the dick of a horny teenage boy. Erin is calling for Gregor to get ready for school. With no reply, he goes to his room to wake him up. When Eric gets there, he finds Gregor still in bed, with some stiff morning wood. He doesn’t want to send Gregor off to school with sex on his mind, so he starts to play with his boy’s dick and then puts it in his mouth. But Gregor would rather be the one sucking and, after a while, switches with his daddy. He sucks Eric’s dick until it’s nice and hard. Gregor then returns to sucking his boy’s cock until he is ready to stick his cock in his stepson’s hole. Eric fucks Gregor deep, and Gregor takes it as a good boy should. He then makes his boy sit on daddy’s dick and go for a ride before shooting a load in his chest.



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