BeefCakeHunter – Hot afternoon with two BCH Legends – Justin & Christian


A Hot afternoon with two BCH Legends video is finally here, and I know many Hunters are eager to watch it after the gossip I created in our social media platforms with the pics of them enjoying sushi with me after the filming 🙂

That hot afternoon Beefcake Justin arrived first, he needed to have something to eat first and then take a shower, that is why he looks comfy and relaxed at the beginning of the scene; Beefcake Christian in the other hand has always been hesitant to do a threesome, so when he agreed to take part I got very happy but I was not really surprised that he arrived a little late, maybe he was having second thoughts, who knows! But when he finally arrived at the improvised BCH arena, he just went with the flow 😉

They both normally make me feel so comfortable, and this time was not the exception, so I was double comfortable myself that Hot afternoon with two BCH Legends, that the initial chat last longer than it usually does, but I didn’t want to cut it, I was having so much fun with them lol

But like Beefcake Justin said it, no more talking and more sucking lol, and when I got on my knees, they both were surprised but not only for how big their cocks are but how ready they were as soon I work my hands on them lol, I could not help to laugh while editing the video after seeing their facial expressions, especially Christian’s lol

I know it was a long oral session, that even has a standing up angle, but both cocks were demanding so much attention and it was very clear that they both were missing the BeefCakeHunter Land treatment, what do you think Hunters? 🙂

Then I put myself on my fours on a chair in the middle of the living room and I had Christian, who seemed more than ready, to pound me, while I was sucking Justin’s cock, then I switched them over, and I did that for a couple of times, so both can fill my holes the same amount of time lol, but something interesting to note here, even though, this was a threesome session, there were moments of undivided attention, and those moments painted a different tone within the session, I am pretty sure most of you will notice it.

For the grand finale I decided to get back on my knees and jerk them at the same time, to try to do what I did in earlier threesome sessions, but Beefcake Christian was ahead of the game and shoot his big load all over my face first, then he helped me with the camera, so Beefcake Justin can focus too lol, but it took a minute to also cum showered my face with an even bigger load than Christian lol wow! They both delivered at the end, and you can see that I was very happy.

I hope you guys enjoy this Hot afternoon with two BCH Legends video.



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