TwinkTop – LOCKED OUT – Cameron Basinger, Coach Cox


Cameron does all he can to keep his body hot and fit. Even when he’s not in the gym, he’s searching around town for good running paths. He likes the fresh air and the changing scenery, but mostly, he likes the attention. He’s put on a little muscle and looks amazing with his high socks and fresh sweat in his short shorts. He turns the heads of many guys who would love to see his swinging bulge uncovered!

The risk of running, though, is that when you unknowingly drop something on the trail it’s almost impossible to find it again! That became Cameron’s reality; he had lost his keys somewhere along the path. He tried retracing his steps but once it got dark, he knew it was better just to call a locksmith to replace his keys.

He headed over to his team’s gym to hang out while waiting for the guy to show up at his place. There’s always someone there working out, so he knew he could stay inside until the door was open. It was a pretty slow evening at the gym with almost no one around except for Coach Cox. The older man was working hard on a machine getting a good chest pump going as Cameron came in. Coach Cox didn’t mind his athletes hanging around. He liked their energy and got a lot of inspiration from them. Cox even told Cameron that he’d seen him running around town many times and that inspired him to get into even better shape! Cameron had really become a star player, boasting not only a great body but an impressive game on the field.


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