StraightFraternity – Nicholas Hazed

I found Nicholas at the mall and promised him he could make some extra money here at the Fraternity. He graduated college a few years ago, but he’s so handsome I had to have him. The next day he came over after work and agreed to be tied up. Nicholas talks about the first time he had sex and about how he likes older women. I ask him to get naked and start figuring out how far he’ll be willing to go. This is all new to him, but so far so good. I finish securing the ropes and blindfold Nicholas. He’s excited being tied up without knowing what’s coming next. I start rubbing his chest, and since I only see a little smirk, I lube up my hands and reach down for his uncut cock. With his dick hard, it’s time I take a taste. No objections! Nicholas licks his lips and tries to keep his composure. I slip the j.o. sleeve on him and stroke him good, adding some mouth action to keep him on edge. Nicholas’ breathing gets deeper, and he tells me he’s going to cum. He shoots a big load, and I keep stroking him until he’s frothy. I untie Nicholas so he can wring out his foreskin and tell me how he enjoyed himself.


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