– Tadeas Hospodar – SPANKING

Tadeas Hospodar is shackled and gagged as he kneels on the training bench. He writhes around, with his naked ass on show, with his cock and balls trapped between his thighs too. He feel the riding crop running over his body and then hitting on his bare ass. He twitches each time the crop lands on that sexy ass, which turns a very nice colour. The the hands spank on his hot ass too. Each time the hands land Tadeas jerks arouind. That sexy ass shows all the marks as the hands keep spanking on it. A whip is dragged over his back and then hits on the hot ass. The back is whipped too with Tadeas feeling every lash. The hands spank on the ass some more and then spread those sexy cheeks too. A plug is pushed deep into that hot ass with Tadeas feeling it as it goes all teh way inside. Then the plug is removed and the ass is spanked more. He is then turned over, onto his back with his legs in the air. The crop is used on his ass again. The cock and balls are played with too. Then a plank of wood is used to beat on the sore ass. The riding crop returns to beat on the ass and over Tadeas’ chest as well. As the ass is whipped the tight hole is teased too. Then Tadeas’ shackles are removed and he lays back to wank himself. The crop flicks at his chest as he wanks his cock and releases the creamy cum.



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