– Robert Smola – MILKING MEN

Robert Smola looks good as, naked, he is shackled to a stepladder. He writhes against the shackles, to no avail. A helping hand arrives and begins to feel Robert’s chest and then his cock. Oil is dripped onto his cock and the rubbed in. That big cock starts to grow as the hand rubs the oil in. Big and fat that cock is soon standing up, fully erect. The hand wanks on it, drawing the foreskin back and forth over the big head. The wanking gets faster too, keeping the dick so hard. Robert’s balls are rubbed and squeezed too. As the cock is taken to the edge Robert’s legs open and close as he tries to hold in his cum. Oil is dripped over his slim body too, and rubbed in. As that big cock throbs Robert’s hips thrust as he enjoys how it all feels. Keeping that dick right on the edge the hands oil it more too. With his oily cock so hard Robert soon watches as it slips into a large wanking aid. That slides right down on the cock as it is wanked up and down. Then Robert is moves, to bend over, still shackled. His cock is wanked hard as a finger works into his hot hole. That hole gets fingered deeply as the big dick is kept right on the edge. Then Robert lays on his back as his big cock is wanked more. The wanking keeps going this time, until the squirting cum shoots from the big head. That dick is milked dry as cum clings to the shaft.


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