MilitaryClassified – KELLEN 2


I’m sure you all remember Kellen who is a straight guy I met online who was advertising to find some local pussy in the LA area. I responded to his ad hoping he would be a smart businessman and think more along the lines of making money more than anything else. I remember when I first saw his pics he was so good looking to me that I figured he wouldn’t talk to me in a million years… Never say never! Today I’ve convinced Kellen to finally take the next step and let a guy suck his dick but it came at a high price because this little stud knew he had a very valuable asset.
Kellen was very shy when we met and he was extremely nervous. Although we’ve worked before, he was more nervous because of the gay thing and actually felt much more comfortable coming with one of his good friends as protection which I had no problems with and especially when I saw what his friend looked like! WOWY! You all remember what transpired out of that little situation with the both of them. We sat down and discussed the video which I had told him was going to be me sucking his dick while he watched pussy porn and In theory he was ok with it… well he was more o.k. with the cash actually! lol
We really didn’t say very much up front and he was not very shy when it came to his body or his cock and with good reason because this lean little stud unleashed an uncut cock that literally grew to an amazing 8 inches and THICK! His body was smooth, tan, and attached to one of the most beautiful dicks i’ve every laid eyes on when his clothes came off. I began my probing of his crotch with my mouth and lightly began licking everywhere including his ball sack, underneath his nuts, and all the way up his shaft.
Kellen became completely focused on the porn and I knew he was nervous because he wouldn’t even glance at me staying completely focused on the pussy porn. His cock was ridiculously fat and long. I couldn’t keep my mouth off of it, literally. With his arms extended outward and his legs spread wide I continued to suck his cock taking it deeper and deeper down my throat which was really taking Kellen by surpise because the look on his face was totally clueless as to the pleasure he was about to experience! Kellen was about to discover how much better a guy can handle a piece of meat like his.
I didn’t let up on his cock and really went to town on him deepthroating him balls deep, bobbing up and down faster and faster until he began to warn me, several times as a matter of fact, that he was about to cum. Kellen couldn’t hold back any longer now and I finally took him down making him rip a healthy nut all over me, himself and the chair… it was a beautiful thing!



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