ColbyKnox – Meet Kylan Kiddo – Kylan Kiddo, Colby Chambers


When today’s new ColbyKnox video starts, Colby Chambers is calmly rowing. On the treadmill is Kylan Kiddo, a new model. Colby is working hard not to notice Kylan’s cheeks but let’s be honest. The newbie’s red shorts can’t hide that ass and we all know how Colby likes buns.
Kylan catches Colby staring and just smiles back. That inviting grin is all the encouragement Colby needs. He takes off his shirt and strokes his meat. It’s almost at full mast, which means Colby has been enjoying Kylan’s view for awhile. Kylan sees what’s going on and pulls down his shorts to offer a better perspective. That plump ass swings from left to right. The two studs stop working out to make out. Colby nibbles on Kylan’s nipples, but quickly gets to the booty. He pushes his face between Kylan’s cheeks, lapping at the newbie’s sweaty hole. Kylan turns around, offering his dick to Colby.
“Nice sweaty dick,” Colby murmurs before he puts it in his mouth.
Kylan’s boner is no toy for a beginner. When he face fucks Colby, Colby gags a bit. However, Kylan’s tool is too tasty to ignore. Colby keeps giving it some oral love.
“You suck cock really good,” Kylan says.
“Goddamn. You’re fucking perfect,” Colby replies as he turns Kylan around, returning to that luscious backside.
“It feels so good,” Kylan moans, pushing Colby’s head farther in his hole.
Colby gets up, and puts his bare johnson between Kylan’s cheeks.
“Your cock is so big,” Kylan sighs.
He arches his back and grabs the grips of the treadmill. Kylan works his ass on Colby’s rod, getting filled up. Colby grabs Kylan’s hips and pounds away.
“Yeah. Stroke that big fat cock,” Colby commands as he pumps in and out.
“Get all in there,” Kylan says. “Fucking pound me.”
Colby is a repsonsive top and does exactly that! He tells Kylan’s that his butt had made working out slightly difficult. Kylan responds with a phrase tops love to hear.
“Fucking breed me,” Kylan whispers.
Colby obliges, filling Kylan up with cum. After pulling out, some of Colby’s juice drips out of the well used hole. This doesn’t mean the scene is over because Colby is still rock hard!
“One more,” Colby asks.
Kylan’s smile says it all. He wants another deposit. On his hands and knees, Kylan lets Colby ride a second time. The top is balls deep, spreading Kylan’s mounds of ass. Grunts of satisfaction fill the room.
“Take that dick,” Colby says.
“Give it to me,” Kylan answers.
Colby puts his hands on top of Kylan’s butt and takes his prize. Kylan handles every stroke.
“Oh yeah, Colby. Pound me,” Kylan moans.
“Wreck those fucking cheeks,” Colby utters.
The two leave the treadmill so Kylan can get fucked on his back. But before he lets Colby return to that ass, he wants to suck some dick. Kylan swallows everything, from the tip to base. Colby, however, knows he needs to saddle up. Kylan gets on the bench, putting his legs in the air. Colby starts fucking again, stroking Kylan’s sizable dong. The two egg each other on, spewing sexy filth.
“Fuck me, baby,” Kylan moans.
He shoots first, covering his stomach in juice. Colby doesn’t miss a beat. He keeps fucking until he pulls out, mixing his seed with Kylan’s.
The two make out before making workout plans for the following day. Hopefully we can see more of Kylan!



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