– Finn Harper, Liam Miller


Footballer boys usually don’t mind the rain but it seems young Finn Harper knows he can use the excuse of bad weather to get a friendly match of a different kind with his sporty buddy Liam Miller.

Indeed, why would they go and get muddy out on the field when they could be enjoying some stiff-dicked BoyFun on the couch?

With Finn’s stiff long boner bulging in his sexy little footballer shorts he soon has his pal convinced and with a little groping and some kisses their football shirts are off and the two are getting hornier for it.

The boys are ravenous for it, perhaps because they haven’t been in the showers with their teammates for so long. Their mouths are on those stiff uncut boners straight away, sucking and licking each other, wanking their pal’s penis, frotting their hard inches against each other.

Finn is soon lining up for a goal, licking his buddy’s hot little pucker and making it wet for his prong to sink right in. The sight of their awesome young bodies working together, with nothing but sexy long football socks on their feet, is too hot to handle.

Finn scores his first goal from behind, fucking his bareback teammate deep before giving his friend a ride on his bulging inches. No half-time is called and soon cute Liam is laying back and letting his friend score again, enjoying the feel of the naked length pumping away inside him.

Always a good teammate Finn wanks him off, bringing on his climax, a hand on his dick and his own penis deep in Liam’s ass, making him spurt his juicy goo over his stomach.

Everyone is a winner in this match, but Liam probably deserves the title of man of the match when he gets a hot messy splashing of cum all over his face and slurps up the tasty juice from Finn’s hooded footballer cock.



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