TwinkLoads – JAX ATWELL BOTTOMS: ENCOUNTER 1 – Connor Taylor, Jax Atwell



The experience of going for a massage can be both relaxing and incredibly arousing! The recipient submits himself to the whims of the masseur. If he’s feeling strong, the masseur might go a little deeper. If he’s sleepy, the massage may end up feeling more relaxed. But what if the masseur’s feeling horny?

Connor prides himself on giving a pretty decent massage. It’s something he’s always enjoyed doing and it became a good way to pay off his student debts after college.

When people find out what Connor does, they’re often confused. He couldn’t really look less like a masseur if he tried: pale, stick thin, long limbed, and painfully shy. But this geeky-looking red-head has clients who come back again and again…

Connor knows within minutes if he fancies a client. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, he’s not averse to the idea of gliding his oiled handa bit further between the legs, a little nearer to the ass. Just in case…

That day’s client was called Jax. Connor had liked Jax’ voice from the moment he’d called to book his appointment. He also liked his name. It sounded strong and masculine, so when the doorbell went, he actually felt a flutter of excitement!
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