StraightFraternity – Warren and Ryan

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and similarly built, Warren and Ryan look so much alike they could practically be brothers. The guys tell me about their recent sexual experiences before I have them stand up and strip. Since they’re about the same height, I think a nice long kiss would be perfect to open this gay-for-pay hookup. Ryan goes down on Warren and when he gets hard, I make them switch roles. Warren tries sucking Ryan’s cock, but when he chokes, I get them to switch back. Ryan licks Warren’s nipples, sucks his cock and fingers his hole, making him moan louder and louder. They breath heavy while they stroke each other’s cocks, then Warren leans back for Ryan to jack him and play with his ass some more. Ryan makes Warren nut and even tastes it, but when it’s his turn to get off, Warren won’t let him fuck him. I throw Warren the Pocket Pussy to use on Ryan instead, put on some straight porn, and it’s not long before Ryan shoots his big load.



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