– THE PLEDGE – Maxx Monroe, Felix Kamp

It was a pretty big day for Maxx. He’d been looking forward to joining the scouts for a while. His friends had told him a lot about the fun experiences and bonding moments, and although he knew the scouts required a far amount of discipline and obedience, he didn’t see this as a problem. After all, the camaraderie of fellow scouts working through challenges was part of the appeal.

When the time came for him to take his scout pledge, he found himself practically bursting with excitement. He kept this feeling inside, wanting to show Scoutmaster Kamp a strong, controlled, and focused presentation. Even as Kamp pinned his official scout emblem to his uniform and Maxx’s heart fluttered, he maintained his composure and stood still as a statue.

It was a great moment. He felt like he was doing something good and entering a legacy and history that he could be proud of. It was all as he had thought it would be. That is, until Scoutmaster Kamp started touching his chest.

The older man finished pinning the boy’s lapel, smoothing it out and making sure it sat flat. As he did, his strong fingers grazed the boy’s firm, athletic chest, feeling its form for the first time. Kamp’s hands lingered a little bit longer than Maxx thought was necessary, but he was still locked in his immovable stance. His eyes darted down, looking to see what Kamp was doing, thinking that maybe it was something official. But when Kamp’s hands moved down to his crotch, it became clear that this was not part of the manual he’d studied.



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