– SCOUT SKILLS – Mark Winters, Cole Blue, Dolf Dietrich


Scoutmaster Dietrich is a little bit mischievous. Sure, he knows he has his responsibilities as a leader and a mentor, but he can’t help but want to relive the exciting memories of his scouting experiences. He loves the sexual tension that comes from being outdoors with your fellow troop members all day, encouraging each other to try new things. Not to mention, some guys just look good in a khaki uniform.

Dietrich sees a lot of his younger self in Cole, an elite scout who exemplifies both physical exceptionalism as well as commitment to the troop. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the scoutmaster is aware of his massive cock!

During a recent camping trip, Scoutmaster Dietrich noticed a little connection between him and Scout Mark. He knows the young man can be a bit quiet and reserved, but he sees his face really light up whenever he’s around the handsome Scout Cole. The older scoutmaster knew that if he could get the two of them together, sparks would fly!

Dietrich pulled the boys aside and asked if they’d be willing to help him with a special project. The boys were more than happy to help, wanting to make a good impression on their senior leader. They thought at first they might be going to chop wood or make a fire. Instead, the tall older man led them into his tent.



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