MilitaryClassified – RIVERS



Rivers was a rare gem lost in a cave of lost treasure when I first met him. He was shinning so bright that he stood out when he walked into my facility with a big smile on his face. I contacted him on craigslist and responded to an ad he posted looking for black chicks. I immediately realized he was military by the pics he responded with and I was surprised that he even responded to me at all especially with what I proposed to him. What took place that day, I was able to capture on tape and experience something that most gay guys only dream about.
He had a stern voice…very strong and a very distinguished & handsome face. He had a body that was very lean and tight with several tattooes that were decorated nicely with his dog tags. I asked him all the usual questions and learned that he liked latina women because of their curves but enjoyed any type of woman really. Still in his cammies, I asked him to undress and get completely naked and sit down on the bench.
Like a good Marine, he immediately complied and sat down, put his hands behind his head and began watching the porn on the screen. He asked that the sound be turned down and he played some music from his ipod. I thought to myself this kid learned how to jack off watching porn with the volume turned off because he didn’t want anyone to know he was watching it prolly. A trick he learned in the military no doubt. I thought that was hot.
In no time his cock became hard as a rock and I began licking and sucking his balls, his shaft and the head of his cock, wetting it all over so it could slide down my throat and indeed it did. Next, I stood him up and asked him to face fuck my throat like it was a pussy bent over doggie in front of him. He took that action like a duck to water and wasted no time in demonstrating to me that he was definitely a pussy pounder. Next I put my skills to the test and delivered some deepthroat action that would have turned Linda Lovelace in her grave.
By the look on Rivers’ face, I knew he was not quite sure how to react to all this pleasure he was experiencing and I think that’s what makes my videos so popular, the reactions I get and rivers was delivering some good ones. Finally I sat him back down as I always do and continued my relentless attack on his now very weary cock. He was now at a point where it was probably a matter of minutes before he busted and when he gave me the warning, “I’m getting really close” I went in for the kill. In almost count down form he lets us all know when he nutted and produced a nut that surprised even me.



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