MilitaryClassified – KRIS 2


Kris contacted me again wanted to know If he could do some more work. I immediately told him that it would be no problem for him to come back and get in front of my cameras again. We made the arrangements and I told him to dress casual this time so we can get to know Kris a little more personal. He came in real casual with shorts, flip flops and a tshirt and looked very hot! I couldn’t wait to get his clothes off because I knew what to expect this time.
We did the usual interviews up front and then started right away with getting this straight boy naked as a j-bird and ready for action. Kris already had a semi when his clothes came off and he sported a beautiful 7.5 inch circumcized cock that naturally stood right at attention. I could hardly contain myself before I cut to the chase and began touching his beautiful dick.
Kris was very turned on and I knew that he was a poor, nieve and defenseless straight guy who already knew what kind of talented mouth I had and just knowing that his cock was in for a good workout got him hard as a frickin rock.
I wasted no time in getting my perverted little mouth buried deep down his long shaft. I slowly worked my tongue all over his throbbing mushroom head, licking all around it making him moan and close his eyes. I licked down the shaft and all around his balls and he was so sensitive that I could see his nuts shrink up to his sack in extasy.
I began sucking this boy all over the living room. I stood him up on my couch over my face and had him fuck me like my mouth was a pussy and he fucked like a rabbit. I got him so hot and bothered that he probably would have stuck it up my ass if I would have let him but for now I just wanted to orally satisfy that stud like he’s never been done before.