MilitaryClassified – DRAKE 2

I’m sure you all remember DRAKE, the 18 year old straight boy who is trying gay for pay for the first time in his young life! Rob convinced him to get some male head last time and he’s back taking a step further by relenting his dick to a guy’s ass! Watch as nervous DRAKE experiences gay for pay sex for the first time!
Drake is young and has that young boyish body along with a healthy sized cock to match. When I got this boy’s clothes off he was already half hard so i figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to get this boy to fuck some boy ass. I began my task with some head but not the kind you give to a cock.. more like the kind you give to a toe. Drake wasn’t expecting the foot job and you can see it all over his face.
Drake never experienced a foot job and said it made him a little uncomfortable at first but eventually eased into it which made me move up to his crotch and easily began sucking his cock changing the mood and preparing him for the male to male ass fucking he was kinda dreading.
I began to slide my ass right on top of that 18 year old dick of his in the cowboy position backwards so he didn’t have to look at my face and usually gets them to get some peaks at my ass. As I got the ball rolling and slide on that cock up and down, Drake began to feel the warm tight ass that usually gets a straight guy horny.
I rode that sucker but good but had to switch up the position for the finale and I side saddled that cock so I could watch his face as he blew his load. Drake was definitely not expecting that nut and especially in and out of my ass. When it was over Drake was laid out on the bed, head back, feet extended, eyes closed and maybe thinking to himself… “what just happened?”



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