MilitaryClassified – DOMINIC 2


DOMINIC is back and ready for another round with Rob and today he’s getting the complete work over! Yes, not only is he fucking rob raw but Rob is returning the favor by giving him a foot job to start off then moves to his ass and licks it clean. Watch as Rob breaks down this str8 boy who was getting more than he expected!
Rob brings Dominic in to the bedroom where everything is set up and ready to go and asks Dominic to find some porn he could watch as rob got the cameras ready and began rolling. I don’t think Dominic was expecting what was coming as Rob made his way to the edge of the bed where Dominic’s feet were hanging over the edge and Rob slowly takes off his flips and socks then begins to suck and lick on his toes and feet.
Dominic was definitely enjoying that because he began playing with himself though his clothes and Rob knew he had to go to the next step. Rob asked him to take his clothes off and make his way to the edge of the bed then asked him to lift his legs behind his he leaving his ass completely exposed and in a vulnerable position.
Rob got on his knees and began to eat Dominic’s ass like there was no tomorrow and this took Dominic by surprise but he was enjoying every minute of it. Rob would use his finger and play with his hole then follow it with his tongue and got to the point where he had Dominic’s checks in each hand pulling them apart as he stuck his tongue up his ass!
Finally the end and Rob was going to stop there. He mounted Dominic and began to ride his side saddle, cowboy and side saddle again until he blew his load in and out of Rob’s ass and when Rob dismounted, Dominic was tired, spread out on the bed with his eyes closed. Just another day at the office!


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