MilitaryClassified – CJ 2


CJ I’m sure you all remember, he’s the hard ass that I had in a few weeks ago who displayed one of the raunchiest and hardcore fuck scenes I have on tape. CJ’s a thug of sorts, he was raised in a rough part of Los Angeles and grew up loving the ladies of color. Now a White kid mixed up in this lifestyle is unique which drew me to this boy for a second time. I remember he was a horny mother fucker and this time, true to his nature, he delivered not one but two dilectable nuts for us to enjoy today!
It always gets me hot when a straight dude like CJ nuts for me twice in a row. In fact, his cock never goes limp in this video because he is constantly horny 24/7. Today he comes back to MC to make a little more money and return for one of Rob’s specialities. I took this boy to my bedroom with all the fancy mirrors so we could see this little lean stud from all different angles. He’s a smooth little stud at 5’8″, 145, and not a stitch of hair on his body or that perfect ass of his that’s so smooth you want to bury your face in it.
I began sucking CJ’s cock and damn if I have become so good at the oral service that I felt like CJ was doomed from the start. I wasted no time in getting this boy hot and bothered within the first 5 minutes of the video. I tried to get him in as many positions as I could finally sitting him down on the bench and trying as desperately as I could to hold him back from exploding. I knew I had complete control of this nut.
I stood him up next and made him assume the position to fuck my mouth and give it to me good. The problem that I didn’t count on was that putting CJ in that position and giving him free reign of my mouth, made him so excited that he brought himself to near orgasm and then couldn’t take himself back. Next he warned me that he was about to cum, I could hardly hear it because he was whipsering so I finally took charge of the situation and made this boy nut standing up. He put his hands over his eyes and face as he delivered a pent up nut that needed out immediately.
He stood there in complete amazement and you could tell by the look on his face that he was not counting on satisfaction that good. He was so turned on by the BJ that he didn’t even go limp and you know that I just can’t leave a room when a straight guy has a hard on in front of me.. yep.. he delivered a 2nd nut.. a little present from Rob! Enjoy!



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