– THE INTERVIEW – Marcus Ryan, Felix Kamp

Marcus was very pious by nature. He’d always looked to the church and scriptures for guidance and truth. While others his age were obsessed with social media and reality TV, he kept his mind focused on what he felt was more important: his soul and the pursuit of a higher purpose.

Though he came from a more religious family, Marcus proved to be the most commited of his siblings to the church’s teachings. He even spent hours of personal time looking for more answers, studying history and scripture to unlock what he felt was the true meaning of faith. This dedication did not go unnoticed.

Master Kamp attended the same church as Marcus. As a prominent member of the community, he would keep an eye out for young talent that could be well placed in the Masonic order. Needless to say, religious types are hungry for guidance and ritual, making them prime candidates for initiation.

The older man was well aware of Marcus’ spiritual devotion, observing that there was never a time when Master Kamp was present that Marcus was not there. Whether it was a Sunday or an evening, Marcus was practicing his faith with unrelenting determination.

Some boys had a calling to be in the clergy, but Master Kamp knew that for some others, it was a reaction to a deep conflict. Marcus was a handsome young man with cleancut features and a beautiful smile, but the boy’s brow was always furrowed in doubt. The only time Master Kamp ever recalled him looking relaxed was when he was in the presence of some of the more handsome men of the church… seeming to lighten up and even, dare he say, flirt.

Kamp thought it would be wise to bring the young man in for an interview, curious to see if his suspicions were correct. He thought someone of Marcus’ dedication and obedience would be a perfect fit for the brotherhood… all he needed was a little persuasion.


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