– THE CALLING – Cole Blue, Master Oaks
Cole put a lot of trust into Master Kamp. After he’d thoroughly milked a load from his cock, he figured there was no reason not to listen to him. Kamp knew him in a way most others could never now. Still, Cole had his doubts.

When the older man told him to go to the woods that night, he wasn’t sure what he expected, but he knew that it was going to be a closely kept secret. The brotherhood was not about to let their practices be seen by just anyone. With this understanding, Cole followed his instructions with a great deal of faith, believing that his new family would look out for him.

For the most part this was true. He went to where they told him and waited, only to be greeted by men in masks who blindfolded him and led him deeper into the forest. It seemed unfair that they knew who he was, but then again, he hadn’t proven himself to them.

Master Kamp told him he would need to pass a series of tests, and to be patient and obedient. Cole didn’t back down from a challenge, even one that scared him. His induction not only scared him, it made his cock hard. He couldn’t get over how it felt to be at the mercy of Kamp’s hands, submissive and vulnerable. It gave him a rush like he couldn’t imagine. A part of him wanted to chase that feeling, regardless of what else came with it. But he was down this path and wanted to see it through.


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