– THE CALLING – Austin L Young, Master Oaks

Austin didn’t know what to say to his father after returning from the woods. The experience of being blindfolded, manhandled, and fucked was confusing and bizarre. He’d been told to keep things a secret, even from his father, despite his familiarity with the secret society. Austin didn’t understand fully why, but it was impressed upon him that his silence and discretion were paramount in his membership.

He was not to talk about anything, even with those he knew to be present at the time of his breeding. So when he came back to his room, smelling of fire and dripping cum, he removed his clothes and prepared to take a shower.

Even as he passed his father in the hallway, also smelling of the woods and the fire, the two said nothing, retreating to their separate beds without saying a word beyond “good night.”

After that evening, Austin felt different. Not only did he feel like he had a secret he had to keep above all else, he felt a new stirring in his body. The penetration of the stranger’s cock inside his hole and the insemination that followed gave him sensations he’d never experienced before.

He never knew what it was like to be fucked and filled, used by an older man for pleasure and left to carry his seed. It was shocking and terrifying at first, but by the end, he found himself riding a wave of pleasure unlike anything he could have ever imagined.

He found himself waking up in the night, rock hard and dripping pre-cum, thinking about the moment his hole was pried open and dominated by the thick member of the older man who possessed him.


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