IslandStuds – Jerking Bros! – Judah & Rigo are Back!

Jerking Bros! – Judah & Rigo are Back! Huge Bodybuilders Pose, Pump Iron, Show Holes, Stroke Together & Explode in Hot Duo Action!!

Real Oregon Bodybuilders and Latino Muscle Hunks, Beefy Bearded Boxer Uncut Rigo and Cut Smooth Jewish Army Veteran, Giant Judah, are back for their second Bromance Video of Competitive Hot Duo Machismo Action in the rule-breaking popular Island Studs’ series, “Jerkin’ Bros”, proudly strip down to their super tight sexy matching red undies that can barely contain their bulging thighs and big butts, moon the camera revealing their fantastic contrasting Massive Bodybuilder Butts, Judah with his thick smooth ass, and Rigo with his super hairy Latin bubble butt, flop their hard cocks out to their undies and then strip fully nude, comparing & admiring each others massive nude bodies: posing, flexing and hugging with contrasting boners, Judah cut and Rigo uncut, offering us a Hawaiian Hula Show complete with bright floral Leis around their huge pecs and chest while each “fucks” a Hawaiian Pineapple Toy with their bushy throbbing cocks, the competition intensifies as they pump iron fully aroused, grab their big butts with both hands spreading them WIDE OPEN revealing their open Manholes, jerk side by side outdoors, compare cock sizes, man bushes, showing off their super swollen Latinos dicks and big balls, before stroking together and busting huge loads all other their ripped bodies and then take a super sexy shower talking and joking as they soap up their beautiful brown skin in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. If you have ever wanted to see two straight muscle HULKS with a combined weight of 405+ lbs and awesome contrasting bodies: Judah cut & smooth and Rigo with his fantastic foreskin and super furry chest, legs and ass, pumping iron, then playing, stroking their cocks together and busting big loads outdoors, this special Bodybuilder Edition of “Jerking Bros’ from Island Studs is FOR YOU! The first Bromance Video, “Football Nude #14” with these two Hulking Men tossing the pigskin in black jockstraps and then totally nude: hugging, jogging, pissing, skinny-dipping, jumping, playing and walking together beside the wide Oregon River, is still available in the Members Only Area on for immediate Streaming and Downloading. These two big beautiful buff Latino “Jerkin’ Bodybuilders” are solid sportsmen who excel in all athletics! Check out their perfect muscle bodies as they drop their pants and moon the camera beside the lush green Oregon forest revealing their thick muscle bubble butts! Special Forces Army Veteran Judah, 24, 5’1, 210 lbs, broke his back while Parachuting in the service when this parachute did not open during a training exercise! This talkative Oregon Farm Boy, Half Mexican and Half Jewish American, was determined to become a competitive Bodybuilder after he was told he would never walk again! And look at his impressive success! What a Powerful Hulk of a Man! Soft spoken Muscle bound Construction worker Rigo, 25, 5’9″, 195 lbs, was born in Mexico with a Spanish Mother and Mexican Father and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Oregon. While both are impressive HUGE men, this video is a study of contrasts: friendly, talkative Judah with lighter Hapa Latin skin, a big fro on head hair he ties back in a ponytail, slightly hairy chest, perfect Jewish Cock and wide smooth butt; and soft spoken Rigo with deep dark 100% Mexican skin, short cropped Military style head hair, trimmed beard, beautiful large tattoos across this furry chest and hairy legs and super hairy bubble butt. Watching these two naked Powerlifters strip fully naked outside, stroke their cocks together into raging throbbers and then flex and strike poses for each other and our cameras is a real treat! Rigo is proud of his ample foreskin which covers his fat dick head even when he is fully hard! Watch as these two Massive Men offer us a real Hawaiian Greeting of Aloha, stroking side by side with bright orange floral Leis around their huge pecs and chests! Look at their surprise when I toss each of them a orange Hawaiian Pineapple Plastic Toy to place around their bushy throbbing cocks! The “Pineapple Cockrings” grip their throbbing dicks as they pose for more photos. These sexy Body Builders turn to the camera with full erections and grab a set of gym weights and start pumping iron together. What an amazing sight: Two rock hard All – American Mexican PowerLifters working out together naked with boners! Wow! A winning Boner Work Out Session! Our cameras roam around their sexy bodies as they workout together completely naked! There is a lot of footage of their two massive bubble butts with sweat dripping from their ass cracks as their big heavy balls dangle between their ass cheeks! ASS LOVERS ALERT! Judah playfully, puts down his weights and turns his giant butt to the camera, bends over, grabs his muscle butt with both sweaty hands and OPENS WIDE! Check out that perfectly Natural Hairless pink Hole. The competition continues when shy, soft spoken Rigo is compelled to do the same to keep up with his workout buddy! Check out Rigo’s super hairy bubble butt cheeks as he grips them tight and spreads them wide open revealing a dark brown butt hole surrounded by thick butt fur! Wow! Two sexy Manholes in one video! But the best part of this video is watching these two naked Hulking Men stroke their cocks together outside on the deck beside the Oregon forest, comparing their dicks, talking, flexing and posing as they jerk off together! Watching them enjoy their cocks and each other and their sweaty ripped bodies is a rare treat! Our cameras roam around their sexy bodies as they manhandle their swollen beautiful cocks and huge ball sacks! Both of these Big Boys have big balls they enjoy manhandling as they stroke together! Horny tall Judah is the first to bust a nut! Listen and watch as he has a full body orgasm, moaning loudly as he busts a huge creamy load of man juice all over his man bush and hairy balls. He continues to stroke his hard cock with his fresh jizz as lubrication and he moans and breathes heavily, tossing his head back in ecstasy, while his workout buddy, Rigo, sweats and watches jerking by his side. Uncut Rigo slides his fantastic foreskin over his thick mushroom dick head repeatedly as he blows a big nut all over his thick dark dick, man bush and ball hair! After their lengthy JO session these powerful men take a steamy shower. Listen as Judah & Rigo talk totally unscripted as they soap up their impressive thick Bodybuilder bodies and clean out their sweaty booties with their heavy nuts dangling between their muscle butts. This is REAL JOCK DIALOGUE that is spoken naturally. Watch as Judah grabs his muscle butt in the shower and spreads his butt open again revealing his perfect manhole was warm water caresses it! Join NOW to see ALL the hot naked duo jerk off action unedited! You won’t see two real nudist PowerLifters pumping iron and jerking off together like this anywhere else except Island Studs! Jerkin’ Bros Judah & Rigo are Back for this their second Duo together for Island Studs jerking and playing together! Join Judah & Rigo and the other horny Island Studs in HOT DUO ACTION jerking off and playing together – available in the Members Only Area. Join Today for Unlimited Streaming and Unlimited Downloads! Instant Access Now!


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