HungYoungBrit – CUTE Smooth SEX ADDICT Lad


👀WOW – LOOK at this LAD👀
Teaching this smooth beautiful Twink Boy how to play Fortnite. 🎮
We all know whats coming though – he ‘popped in’ to do a ‘Castings interview’ HAHA as if we do shit like that, just get there pants down and fucking shag them there n then❗️
Fuck all this castings Bullshit, just get ya dick out
OMG he is hot! 🔥 Useless on Fortnite though
Guys – he well surprised us !! He blatantly wanted Bareback cock & wastes no time wacking out his BIG COCK and starts sucking me off 😝 (his only been in the house 5 mins)
I can’t believe I keep finding these fucking stunning lads, I mean just look at him he’s gorgeous.
😈 – baby where do I keep getting them from??
Hes so young and sleazy he’s even got a piercing on the top of his dick, 😈right fucking sex addict he is TRUST ME
Me and him are fooling around while Joshy boy is literally knocked out sleeping next to us on the sofa. 💤🛋 (heavy night partying)
I have to get my mouth round that chubby cock of his and my tongue in his cute tight arse! 🤪🍑
The minute I stick my dick in this Cute fucker he starts pushing back on it. He definitely aint shy.
Im literally fucking this boy rotten, he’s moaning so loud and Josh’s head is literally sleeping next to us – its the not first time we have been fucking some hot boy with Josh passed out
He would be gutted if he missed his opportunity on this absolute stunner. 🧐
I’ve definitely got a low score on fortnite 🎮 but for this FIT AS FUCK LAD ill deal with it. 🤓
I spit on my fingers and ram them right in his arsehole while he sucks me off.
Hes so flexible I pretty much have him bent in half FUCKING HIM RAW
Fuck me this video is HOT! 🤸🏻‍♂️
🇬🇧 Spunk & Cumming @ 15:03 Mins
🇬🇧 Spunk & Cumming @ 18:37 Mins WARNING Extra Heavy LOAD ⚠️
🇬🇧 Spunk & Cumming @ 21:32 Mins
🇬🇧 Spunk & Cumming @ 29:15 Mins

Josh is still out cold sleeping next to us. He is defo missing out! Then our Horny camera man
Mikey is getting his spunk shot in that boys gob as well! ITS CRAZY WE LOVE IT! 🎥
This lads a proper sex mad loony but then so is Mikey TBF. 👬
I spunk twice inside this boys arse, both times a creampie messy job! HAHA I cum SO SO MUCH
We all want Josh to wake up so he can join in. Keiron leans over him while he’s sleeping, puts his dick all in his face
Josh is slowly waking up now and my god is he shocked
Zombie josh 🧟‍♂️ is still out cold even after stirring for a bit and getting a face full of the pretty boys cock, not that I think he even noticed 🙂 😂
So me and this stunner carry on, I can’t keep my hands off him, he’s fucking gorgeous, and he proper knows how to take a dick. 👅
I dumb my load right up him and he fucking loves it.💦
He wants more, he won’t stop he’s and animal!
Then he goes off me and wants everyone els in the house LOL (I’m defo not complaining. 😳)
I fuck him 3 times and then Mikey boy has a quick go on him,
This whole time his dick has been rock solid – Big old dick on him you know!
im wanking him off while he’s sucking off Mikey boy and swallowing this massive load that he dumps in his mouth. 🤯✌️
This boy is so CUM hungry he refuses to stop until he’s had all 3 of us, LOVE ❤️ IT
so he is determined to wake up Josh.⏰ NO LIE
He jumps on top and starts rubbing him up and sucking him off, when Josh sees him he soon wakes up pretty quickly after that. 🤩
Josh doesnt want to miss his turn on this stunner so he wacks his cock in his mouth real quick. 🍆
Think he’s pretty gutted when he realises that Kieron’s leaving soon. He won’t stop sucking !
Keiron Blows his LOAD all over Josh’s face and makes him take it in his mouth.
Cant wait to get this boy back over and im sure Josh will make sure he’s awake for the next visit !
Listen – if your young, fit and wanna come round to our flat in Oval, Kennington, London Please DM us and we will all Cum up you (as long as we can film it)
[videopress lZEN04Jv]