HelixStudios.com – Patagonia Funny Adventure Part 2 – Fun in the Cabin in the Wild


Young Latinos travel to South America, where lakes and mountains are the protagonists. Gil is lost, despite having a map, he can’t find the place where he wants to go. Sly and Giorgio see him disoriented and offer him water. Gil gratefully accepts and they enter the cabin where the boys are staying. While he’s drinking water, Gil turns over on his shirt… Sly helps him get it out and the action begins right there, in the kitchen. Between the three of them kisses, the penises get very hard and they decide to go to the bedroom. The owners of the cabin fill the lost boy with kisses, take off his clothes, the three of them undress and lie on the bed. While one is giving him cock by the mouth, the other fills him with kisses and licks all over his body. Being lost can be a good excuse to end up in a threesome. The two of them give their piece of penis in the mouth now, to Gil, who tries to put both cocks at the same time! As they fill him with precum all over his face, the two of them kiss. Then Gil’s ass is ready to be penetrated, Giorgio finishes stroking and preparing it. Now, in a very hot way, Gil writhes to receive Giorgio’s cock and at the same time suck Sly’s cock eagerly … Hmm … After enjoying that thoroughly, Gil turns around and does the same, in the opposite direction: now it is Sly who is giving him in the ass while sucking on Giorgio’s penis that has just come out of his ass … To finish well on top, Gil gets on all fours, receives Giorgio penetration and Sly gets behind the two and also penetrates Giorgio. Amazing! Giorgio penetrates and is penetrated at the same time in a very hot and bawdy sex chain. The two boys from the cabin end up in Gil’s mouth and Gil ends up while he continues to receive the cocks full of semen. Wow. In the next episode of “Patagonia Funny Adventure”, the sex continues with two boys and their first time in the south in “The boys of the lake”. See ya!



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