– Double Stuffed – Ian Levine, Legrand Wolf, Dolf Dietrich



It’s not surprise that Dr. Wolf is a bit of pervy dude. He spends all day being a clean-cut professional daddy, playing the part of the community pillar and trusted resource. But when he’s at home, he likes to play. And nothing makes him hard quite like thinking of a small, eager, hungry bottom taking a giant man’s cock. But why have one of something if you can have two?

Dr. Wolf and his more vertically gifted friends make no secret of their love of fun size boys, often sharing notes and trading experiences about the pocket sized studs they fuck. Surely, no matter how big a place can be, there’s only so many super tall and super small guys around. Overlap is bound to happen, and where most people see competition, Dr. Wolf sees opportunity.

Hearing that his new tiny pal, Ian, has been getting familiar with Wolf’s trainer friend, Dolf, the two men conspired to get their boyish bottom buddy at the doc’s house for a little two-on-one action.

When Ian showed up to Legrand’s place, his mind immediately went to thoughts of deep dicking and intense pounding, excited to take the older man’s massive cock. He could hardly contain his excitement in his pants, popping up a visible trouser tent before he even crossed the threshold.



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