– Finn Harper, Ben Kingston

Handsome boy Finn Harper is doing it for the gram at the start of this BoyFun video, taking some selfies around town and honing his skills at finding good locations. If we’re honest any photo of this sexy young guy would be worth enjoying, but I think we all know he’s hottest when his rigid uncut cock is out.

He has a friend to help us get to that, returning home to find Ben Kingston waiting for him, a lovely little blond twink who knows how to judge his photographic skills.

It seems the young man is most definitely on our wavelength, he knows Finn is hotter with his dick out too and he wastes no time in making that happen.

With boners to be slurped the two smooth young friends swap their wet prongs in a delicious session of mutual dick sucking, with handsome Finn getting his fill of his friend’s delicious dong and enjoying the pleasure of Ben’s experienced mouth on his own steely nob.

It could have been a glorious afternoon of mutual oral to get those loads gushing but Ben is determined to get that dick in his raw hole, an offer Finn certainly isn’t inclined to deny. The boy eases down to take a ride on the stiff young dick, his own bulging penis dancing around while he enjoys the pleasure his pal is delivering.

Some deep pumps with Ben on his back leads them to the floor where the intense bareback spooning has the lad slinging his glorious cream over the rug, the intensity of his climax bringing Finn to his own rubbed out explosion, finishing with a slick injection of the boy’s gooey cock right back into the boy’s hole.

Ben should go with him to take some hotter selfies next time, although those probably won’t be suitable for Instagram.



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