– Darin Boswell, Jamie Kelvin


It’s time for blond football fan Jamie Kelvin to finally pay up. The boy has been so confident in his team that he’s repeatedly bet a blow job on them winning and his buddy Darin Boswell has never cashed in on that dare. Well, with his cock in need the time has come and Darin is finally claiming his reward after Jamie’s team lost again.

The blond sports fan might seem reluctant but a dare is a dare after all, and it seems he might secretly want to engage in some good BoyFun with his pal.

A little persuading is all it takes and soon they’re on the bed, making out and groping the growing shape of youthful penis in Darin’s shorts. No doubt Jamie knew how big his buddy’s cock was but he’s still impressed when it’s in his mouth and his lips and tongue are working the dripping tip.

It’s no surprise to us that Darin wants to return the favor the moment he gets the chance, and you can bet young Jamie is more than happy to have his perfectly pink prong out and in his pal’s mouth for some equally tasty sucking.

The footballer boys can’t stop there, with boners stiff and wet Darin is soon taking aim at his friend’s plump little soccer boy ass, licking out his hole and easing his naked cock inside.

What started as a friendly dare and a good sucking between friends becomes an awesome fuck as Jamie rides that stiff dong and takes a deep thrusting on his back too, some impressive goals scored as Jamie spews his milky cream all over his smooth twink body and takes a penalty shot to the face.

Next time they won’t need dares as an excuse to enjoy those sporty boners.



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