– Danny Deep In Andy – Andy Ford, Danny Garcia

Teen boy Danny Garcia understandably can’t help but get a good look when slim blond boy Andy Ford asks him for advice on which sexy underwear looks best on him. It’s always an open invitation for some BoyFun and it seems they’re soon both on the same page with a little groping of his impressive bulge.

All it takes is a little curious close-up inspection and the cute boy is locking lips with his horny friend, eager to show him what underwear he’s got on under his jeans, too, all while he’s greedily sucking on the big pink boner of his underwear model friend.

It goes without saying that blond twink Andy is gonna want a taste of his pal’s darker meat, and he certainly gets it when Danny slips his sexy briefs off for his rigid boner to bounce up right into his friend’s mouth.

There’s very little delay before Andy is bending over on the couch and presenting his perfectly snug little ass for that tanned length to slide up inside, and you can bet young Danny is happy to oblige.

With his balls swinging and slapping against Andy’s thick taint he pumps his raw length in and out of his buddy’s warm hole, sitting back to let Andy take a ride on his rigid inches, then finally getting his boy on his back for a deep banging that has them both just about ready to spit their creamy loads from their wet erections.

When a friend asks you which underwear looks best, the correct answer is probably “none”.