BeefCakeHunter – Trevon received eye rolling service


Trevon received eye rolling service video is an intense session with another orally deprived sexy straight dude, and again BCH here to the rescue! 🙂

Beefcake Trevon is a beefy single young black man who works as a fork lifter driver but these last weeks has been slow for him, so he didn’t hesitate in taking the opportunity presented at BeefCakeHunter Land.

He was professional from the beginning and very down to business, but even like that he was a little nervous, you can tell because he was sweating a lot at first lol. Again, I started by taking care of his delicious black balls, and since that very first moment I knew I was naming this video Trevon received eye rolling service 😉

Once that cock was ready to be enjoyed, I decided to go slow and I tried to tease him a bit first, something that worked very well, so did the many deep throats that I performed on him.

This sexy black Beefcake also was caressing my arms while I was taking care of his cock, I love these appreciation moments, and two weeks on the row…wow!

At one point I moved to his side to go even deeper and touch his beefy belly and chest, surprisingly he allowed in this first session to suck his nipples, that was amazing and delightful, and all this was happening while he was softly moaning and making hot faces of pleasure…

I love to suck the cock head a lot, and Beefcake Trevon loves that as well, so it was the perfect match for me for a very pleasurable sucking session.

Even though Trevon was very receptive of my oral services, he used the pussy porn playing at the last moments to help him nut, it is understandable, and I am ok with it, I hope you too Hunters 😉

At the end I saw that he kept his word and gave us a few days load to enjoy…ummmm I hope you guys enjoy this Trevon received eye rolling service.



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