– ORIENTEERING – Cole Blue, Ian Levine


Rule one of hiking is always bring a buddy. Scouts Ian and Cole have studied the manual well and know how to safely go exploring in the woods. Even without fancy electronic devices, they’re able to navigate simply by using a compass and map. Don’t worry, they’re not going far. As part of their skills training, the two boys are simply breaking off from camp for an afternoon adventure, just as a pair.

Scout Cole takes the lead, having risen to the level of Elite Scout and earned the experience necessary to go off independently from the troop. Scout Ian was happy to join him, looking up to the handsome lad and hoping to learn a thing or two along the way. Sure enough, as they’re hiking nature calls, leaving the boys to remember their hiking protocols.

Cole brings Ian along as he makes his way off the trail and into the shrubs, keeping sure to relieve himself away from the main path but keeping its markers within sight.

Everything goes according to plan until Cole finds himself a little shy in front of his companion. While there’s nothing to be ashamed about, when Cole pulls out his member, he can’t seem to get things going. Ian stands next to him, similarly positioned with his pecker pulled out, feeling the moment become heavy with anticipation.


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