MyFriendsFeet – Coach Eddie Danger Worshiped – Rikk York, Eddie Danger


This is a two-part scene. The worship part is today and the tickling part is on Saturday this week. I hope you enjoy them!

Rikk has a new coach and he’s really a hardass. Rikk hasn’t been able to live up to his high standards so far. Now Coach is coming down hard on him with a choice: behavior modification or leave the team. Luckily Coach has some skills for teaching focus, humility and willingness. Coach offers Rikk his sweaty soccer socks to worship and then his bare feet to lick clean. Coach has many more tricks once Rikk is finished licking…



1 thought on “MyFriendsFeet – Coach Eddie Danger Worshiped – Rikk York, Eddie Danger”

  1. As if Eddie weren’t lucky enough having his feet serviced at all, it must double the pleasure coming from someone as sexy as Rikk York — HOT STUFF!!

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