MilitaryClassified – TJ & GOTTI


Today is a special day at MC because I’ve managed to bring together two models that I was excited to try and set up… and luckily it happened and TJ meets GOTTI. Watch as GOTTI takes control and unleashes his 9 inch weapon on TJ who takes it like a true man and delivers not one but two nuts!
When these guys met the day of their shoot I can automatically see that TJ was on the nervous size because he knew in advance what he was going to be dealing with. When the cameras started rolling it was interesting to see the chemistry between these two. Gotti has a sway and confidence about him while TJ was quiet with few words but once the clothes came off things began to develop quickly.
I tried to break the ice a little by having they jerk each other off a little to get the ball rolling and immediately TJ was getting the itch to cum and Gotti was surprised at the fact that TJ was already feeling Gotti’s touch that made him come close to an early nut. On the other side, TJ couldn’t keep his eyes off of Gotti’s meat and he would stroke up and down that big cock and watch it grow more and more.
I asked TJ to go down on Gotti and poor TJ was just unable to take that sucker balls deep but he did give it his best shot but still managed to suck his cock enough to get Gotti rock hard and itching for what was coming next. Once Gotti’s cock was ready for fucking, TJ took the initiative and began to shove that Gotti meat up his ass in the cowboy position backwards. I have to admit it was hard to watch poor TJ break the ice from his ass and slowing take that 9 inch monster.
Once the flow started TJ was handling it like a champ and Gotti managed to fuck that boy in 2 more positions until he brought the whole ordeal to a end when TJ was on his back getting 9 inches up his ass enough to blow a second load and forcing Gotti to deliver his nut all over TJ’s chest! This one is definitely one for my private collection!



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