MilitaryClassified – NATHAN 3


Today I’m bringing back a guy who graced my screen some time ago and his name is NATHAN. He’s a young, fit and lean straight guy who is kind of a nerd by definition so doesn’t see a lot of pussy. Today he’s back because he’s in need of cash and to get his dick wet since its been about 9 months since he’s had any!
Nathan is a small guy who has a lean tight body and a sizable dick that surprises you when you see him naked. Once we got past the particulars and the cameras started rolling, I didn’t hesitate in getting right to work on his cock through his clothes. Little by little I eventually got him naked and began sucking his cock immediately.
It didn’t take very much effort to get this str8 boy hard and I think after all this time we spent together he was still nervous about the whole gay for pay thing. Once his cock was hard and ready to go I moved the situation to the fucking which made Nathan even more nervous.
I started with my side saddle position to ease him into the situation without much effort on his part. It worked because this position actually got him warmed up for what was to come. Next I went into cowboy backwards mode so again Nathan was able to just sit there and let me do all the work.
Before I could get to the next position, Nathan began to take charge and grab me by the waist and started fucking upwards on the cowboy position. I was surprised by his initiative and let him take charge and that was all it took to get this boy to the point of no return. Before long he was giving me that grunting face and moan that only meant one thing and this boy let out a load right up my ass. Its a shame it was in a condom!



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