MilitaryClassified – DRAKE


Today I’m introducing a new model to the MC line up and his name is DRAKE! He’s 18 years old, yes 18, and well built for a young kid! He’s got a nice Wanger and today I get to show off his nutting skills as I introduce him to the Rob way of gay for pay! Watch as Drake can’t help himself but deliver an 18 yo nut in record time!
Drake is young but pretty smart actually, he hails from Las Vegas and has never been to Laguna Beach before and was beyond excited when we made it to the studios. I’m literally 2 blocks from the Ocean. Well we settled him in and told him to get ready for his first shoot and I mean first shoot ever! This boy is as green as they come.
Once we got all the paperwork out of the way, we made our way into the bedroom where I had everything set up and ready to go! I positioned him right where I wanted and asked him to find some porn to watch while we shoot the video. He has an interesting voice and you’ll get to hear it in the interview.. rather low and studly!
Once the cameras were rolling I wasted no time in getting on my knees to probe this beautiful str8 boy that had the smoothest and softest skin. Once I had his clothes off, I was ready to jump into action and before long Drake was sporting a nice 7 inch wood that was just waiting for me to nurse.
The blowjob didn’t take very long actually, although I tried to stretch it out a bit by slowing down and sometimes stopping but soon I had him on a roll and there was nothing much he could do but to give him to the mayhem. Poor Drake blew his load rather quickly and then proceeded to tell me it was only a 4! Can you believe these straight guys!



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