JawKed – Sausage for Breakfast – Dennis Skala, Jacob Dolce


Cute little Jacob Dolce can’t resist the sight of his fit step-brother Dennis Skala laying there on his bed with his thick and long uncut cock swelling up in his tight little underwear. It’s no wonder he’s risking a fight by heading in to feel it in this Jawked video, but he gets a lot more than the simple feel he hoped for.

Of course his horny bro isn’t complaining when he wakes up with his big, dripping, meaty cock in cute Jacob’s mouth. The boy clearly knows how to suck a big dick and being so horny he can’t stop.

Although young Jacob only hoped to grab a sneaky feel of that big meaty cock it seems Dennis is a little more curious about things than he thought. With his perfect pink meat wet and dripping and young Jacob’s twinky cock looking equally tasty he can’t help taking the opportunity to suck him in return. One good blow job deserves another.

Dennis makes all Jacob’s dreams come true when he gets his tongue between those cheeks and starts licking like he licks out his girlfriends, the boy can’t believe it’s happening but he’s not complaining when Dennis plunges his big bareback cock deep inside him, fucking him from behind and then on his back.

Jacob takes the lead when he has the chance, easing his hole down on his step-brothers big naked cock and riding him while he jacks his own meat, his curved shaft finally spewing his spunk out over the sheets while his ass massages and works his brother’s big dick in his hole.

By the time Dennis has jerked his thick load out on Jacob’s smooth twink chest they surely both know they’ll be indulging each other’s lust to cum a lot more from now on.



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