GrowlBoys – THE MONSTER – A Proper Introduction – Cole Blue, Jonathan F Maze


Cole’s body was surging with life, still energized from the intense fuck he’d received. But mentally, he was exhausted. He laid down to rest his eyes after Jonathan filled his hole with his cum, trying his best to sleep, but his mind wandered endlessly with questions.

How is Jonathan here? Where has he been? And why now? How did he know I was here? What is he?

He tried to relax and let his body unwind, but after a couple hours of restlessness, he opened his eyes and sat back up.

Jonathan was sitting beside him, watching him closely as if trying to read his thoughts. He had a look on his face that was both familiar yet strange. This was clearly the Jonathan he loved and knew, but something more was on the surface that had been hidden. Besides the obvious horns on his head, he was more still, more solid. Something about him seemed… older… more grounded. Cole couldn’t put his finger on it, but he could tell there was more to him than he ever showed before.

“You’re not sleeping,” Jonathan said, sounding distant despite his proximity.


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