– Dennis Skala, Nick Danner


Nick Danner isn’t the most professional person when it comes to showing a new visitor around, pointing out the sofa and the TV as though these are alien concepts to young Dennis Skala, but it seems his new guest isn’t entirely interested in professionalism either when he initiates some BoyFun with a sneaky grope of the young man’s crotch.

The unspoken desire between them can’t be denied, it seems.

Of course Nick isn’t going to turn down such a proposition, not from a young guy as hot as this. Within moments he’s on the couch and Dennis is slurping on his long and throbbing cock, his big hanging balls resting between his smooth twinky thighs.

In a flash the two horny young men are gobbling boners with Nick slavishly sucking and licking the impressive pink meat of his new friend while his own long cock dribbles pre.

As the final items of clothing are removed we see two stunning specimens of youth, penises rigid and twitching, bodies smooth and perfect, one snug little ass ready to be explored.

Nick bends over for Dennis to taste, the young man’s lips and tongue diving in to lick and slurp the boy’s eager pucker. Once he has him wet enough his big bare boner is sliding up inside Nick’s hole, the slimmer twink spooned on the couch as Dennis’ bareback dong thrusts in and out of his desperate hole.

The smaller lad takes control the moment he gets the opportunity, straddling his new pal and riding his inches, his hole gaping and open when he slips off the fat tap, his ass welcoming the warm injection of pink prong deep once again.

Nick hasn’t finished welcoming the young man to the city just yet but that job can finally be ticked off the list as his cum spills from his steel-like dick and Dennis pulls out to splash his own warm and creamy sperm over his host’s smooth chest.

Dennis might appreciate knowing where all the bars are but it seems Nick can keep him entertained while he’s in town.



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