TickledHard – Billy Ray Tickled

Thick country boy Billy Ray is a little shy at first, but with a hug and big mouthful of cock Franco helps him get over that real quick. Then reality sets in as Franco cuffs Billy’s wrists to the wall and slips behind him to tickle his armpits and sides. Billy curses and laughs deeply as he’s tickled on his knees and bellybutton. After a primer tickle on Billy’s size 11 feet, Franco moves back up the body, alternating between his inner thighs and armpits. Billy arches his back as far as he can, but he can’t escape his nasty gay uncle’s tickling advances. Franco tickles the backs of Billy’s sensitive legs, driving him crazy before the final stage begins. First, he uses a power drill loaded with a feathery brush to tickle Billy’s feet, then finally he tickles them with soap savers and brushes until Billy’s got nothing left to give.

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