MilitaryClassified – CASH & GOTTI


Today I’m excited to bring a duo that I had in the making for a while now, CASH and GOTTI. From the moment I met Gotti I knew that Cash would be a great match and today I realize that dream. Watch as these two straight guys rumble through an ass pounding and dick sucking that puts Cash on the receiving end and Gotti delivering the honors!
When I put these two in the same room, they both seem to hit it off from the start. They took to themselves and I noticed that Gotti’s cock grabbed Cash’s attention as he eyed it on several occasions as we began shooting. I got them all undressed and they both sort of checked each other out and the fun began.
I instructed them to grab each other’s dicks and do a reach around that usually breaks the ice and gets the boys rolling. Once we got past that, I made Cash do the honors and take Gotti’s dick in his mouth first preparing for the inevitable that was up next. Cash looked with anticipation and a degree of concern as he went from sucking to riding Gotti’s meat.
The first position was the cowboy position and backwards because that one usually breaks the ice since they don’t have to look at each other and Cash can break in his ass to Gotti’s cock with him in control. Next we moved to the bed and Cash bent over with one leg on the bed and Gotti took him from behind and boy did Cash get his ass stretched as Gotti had no mercy.
From there we went to the missionary position so I can get Cash on his back because he seems to cum in that position easily while getting fucked. Gotti was relentless in his pounding and that only made it easier for Cash to deliver his load which he did first but soon after Gotti spilled all over Cash’s stomach along side the load Cash just dumped there first. !



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