GayCest – Making My Boy Cum – Legrand Wolf, Jonathan F Maze


The air in the sauna was thick. Every breath that Jonathan took felt heavy and long. He could feel his lungs expanding and contracting inside his chest, pulling in the heat and filling his torso with warmth.

It had a woody, natural scent to it, due in no small part to the pine walls. But as he continued to inhale deeply, he caught the fragrance of something else. Something more unique.

He sat on the floor between his old man’s legs, resting his back against the towel that covered his lap. Dr. Wolf’s spread thighs opened up his loins to the heat and the steam, filling the air with his manly, mature musk. Jonathan closed his eyes and luxuriated in the aroma of his daddy’s genitals, feeling his own cock rise beneath his towel.



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