Daddy I am So Hot – John Barber, Nick Danner –


It’s never too hot to fuck your boy. Nick is sitting in his room, getting ready to jerk-off, but the heat is unbearable. He goes to turn the fan on, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Not sure what to do, Nick calls out to his stepdad, John, for help. He explains that his fan doesn’t work and he is so hot. John leaves the room and comes back with a few tools that will fix the fan. Nick, still hot and sweaty, takes his shirt off and then begins groping himself in front of John, which gets his attention. John drops his tools and sits on the bed where Nick begins kissing and undressing his stepdad before taking his cock in his mouth. John loves the feeling of his dick in his boy’s mouth but wants to taste him instead. And after he does, Nick gets on his knees so he can take some daddy cock up his tight, little ass. John fucks his boy from behind and then lets him ride him until they end up with Nick on his back, stroking himself while getting fucked. Nick dumps a load all over his tummy as his stepdad fucks his hole. John then pulls out and cums all over his boy’s pretty face.



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