BreederFuckers – Leo Flogged & Milked


As hetero Leo is stripped down to nothing but his tight white pants and his limbs are firmly tied in place, this raging firecracker has no way to defend himself other than spitting at us. What a disrespectful twat! He knows he’s in trouble now because when Dave gags him the fucker is trembling like a leaf intensely aware that we will make him PAY for his insolence. That underwear is shredded leaving his dangling cock and pert arse exposed out in the open. There’s not a thing he can do to cover himself. His bare back and arse are given a firm lashing making the twat jump about as he has no way of knowing where the biting thrash will come from next. At the same time Dave devilishly binds up his package and weighs it down. Those cock and balls are stretched to the point where he feels like they’ll snap. With the lash still coming down on his back Leo is horrifically overwhelmed. He can’t stand the pain and will do anything to make it stop. He’s desperate for a soothing touch and the pleasure of having his sore dick stroked till he’s aching hard consumes his senses. As his dick is being skilfully manipulated Dave attaches pegs down his naked torso. Leo is in a state as he can’t resist the stimulation to his cock or prevent himself from blowing his load. At the second his semen flies Dave rips the pegs off causing a viciously intense shock of pain. The bastard is in tears knowing we’ve made him cream himself and he’s never going to forget the shame!