SouthernStrokes – I am Better With His Balls – Vitali Kutcher, Corey Law


Sometimes playing with two balls is better than one. Vitali and Corey are hanging out at the coach’s house before practicing, playing with the soccer ball in the living room. Hitting a ball with your head must really get the blood flowing because Corey notices that Vitali has a hard cock flopping around in his shorts. Always willing to give a helping hand, Corey drops to his knees, pulls Vitali’s shorts down, and takes his dick in his mouth. He makes sure to get the whole thing nice and wet before switching with Vitali and getting his cock sucked. Vitali enjoys sucking on his teammate’s dick but wants to feel his hole sliding down his pipe. Corey takes his time getting all of Vitali’s cock in, but soon is getting fucked all over the couch and loving every inch of dick. Vitali fucks Corey on his back until Corey’s swollen cock starts to shoot. Vitali pulls out and joins him.



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