MilitaryClassified – PIERCE


Today I’m introducing a new recruit named PIERCE. He was brought to me by a fellow Marine admirer who thought I might be able to convert this straight Marine, at least temporarily, making him what we all term “gay for pay”. Pierce is hot, plain and simple. He’s got a nice solid body, smooth skin with great tats and a dick that comes in my favorite size… party size! Watch this straight Marine learn just how good a blowjob can feel and I caught it all on tape.
We sat down and went through all the paperwork and we talked about what we were going to do and a blowjob came up immediately. After we talked about the money, we sat down and got started. I sat him down on my bench in my bedroom and gave him the controls so he could choose his porn and I knelt down in front of him and began my work.
I started with his balls. He had two of the nicest nuts I’ve seen in a while. They were low hanger with hardly any natural hair and they dangled as I began to suck his cock. I licked his nuts and took both his nuts in mouth and squishing them in my mouth like mouthwash. Pierce loved it! From his balls I moved up the shaft and started licking his shaft without taking his head in my mouth. This drives straight men crazy!
Next I made my way up to the mushroom head of his beautiful cock and slide it all the way down balls deep! Pierce was dumbfounded by the severity of my blowjob skills. His mouth dropped as I swallowed his cock and deep throated him like he’s never been before. I think that Pierce wasn’t lucky enough to meet a skilled cocksucker until today because he reacted like someone who’s never had an actual good bj.
Pierce nailed my throat from the standing position and basically fucked my mouth with his cock driving more towards a jizz explosion. I continued to suck his cock faster now and realizing that we were getting close to Pierce’s nut. Pierce gave me his warning and let me know he was about to nut and NUT he did! Pierce blew a load that seriously blew me away! No pun intended! His 4 day nut was explosive and actually hit my camera. Check it out!