MilitaryClassified – JEREMIAH


Jeremiah was a little stud I met through a friend who transplanted himself from back east. A southern boy, this straight Marine was very polite and a complete gentleman… until he gets fucked up, then he becomes the horniest mother fucker you’d ever meet. He would come up and hang out with a bunch of his friends at my place until one nite he came up to me and said “dude, you wanna suck my dick on tape?” I almost dropped dead in amazement and said “YES!” He was a little nervous about showing his face so we put on some camo paint and I think the video is even hotter this way!
When he showed up for the shoot he was nervous as hell. He was very quiet and we filled out the paperwork and then he began drinking everything in sight! whew! This boy can put down it down. We started shooting and he was quiet as hell but his body was making all kinds of noise. I started my quest by slowing and gently licking all around his balls and crotch area, something he’s NEVER had done to him ever he said. He wasn’t particularly excited about getting a bj because he really felt that bj’s weren’t that exciting. As I started my sucking, I could see that Jeremiah was a little perplexed by how good it was feeling.
He would have his eyes zoned into the pussy porn on the monitor but I could see him look, not only at the camera, but at me. I always wonder what’s going through these straight guys’s heads when they do that.. what are they thinking? I then started sucking the head of his cock and slowly taking it deeper and deeper down my throat. A Beautiful 7 inch dick that was as straight and long as this Jarhead was. After sucking his dick on the couch for a while, I wanted to see just how good he fucks and as I usually do, I stand these guys up and have them fuck my mouth.
Once I had him stand up and slide his dick down my warm throat, that was it. He didn’t even need any coaching, he just began pounding away like a madman and god damn if it wasn’t hot. Jeremiah is the epitomy of hotness and definitely a beautiful Marine. He’s lean, young, smooth, well endowed and definitely a ladies man. I don’t really talk up too many of my models but there have been a few that go in my special category and Jeremiah is one of them. I want him back.. I just hope I can convince him to do another one.
In the end, Jeremiah sat back down on the couch, put his hands behind his head, spread his legs and I began sucking and pumping like there was no tomorrow. He was quiet as a mouse but his facial expressions you could read a mile away. He would dart at the camera, back at me, back at the porn as he got closer and closer. When a 19 year old is receiving the most amazing blowjob of his life, you can expect to see a load that befits a young straight jarhead like Jeremiah.. he surely didn’t disappoint!



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