MilitaryClassified – GOTTI


Today I’m pleased to present a new model to the MC line up and his name is GOTTI. Gotti is a italian straight military stud who is young, hung, and full of cum today! Gotti has a lean muscular body, nice tats, and a dick…. well the fucker is HUGE! Watch as Rob gets all giddy when he gets a hold of Gotti’s dick and sucks the poor boy dripdry!
GOTTI is a tall boy and his dick is a masterpiece by all accounts. He is from the East Coast and while in California he’s gotten a taste for older women! Yep he likes his women 40 and over and quite proud of the way he pleases them especially when they see his cock.
I put in his a uniform and invited him into my studio where we got all the necessary paperwork done before I had him sitting on the edge of my bed looking for pussy porn to watch while I handle his business. Once the cameras started rolling, Gotti was glued to the porn so I had him stand up while I began my work. In a parade rest position I began to rub his cock through his fatigues and I could feel that sucker getting big.
I always ask the guys to save up at least a 3 day load so they bust big and take advantage of the bonus I give when they follow through. I went to town on his cock and soon he was moaning as he watched the porn and his cock began to swell. I was almost floored that even half hard this boy was sporting a good 7 inches and it had room to grow.
I sat him down and really went to town and soon I had this boy nervous and in a panic as he began to grab hold of the blanket on the bed squeezing with a fist and stretching his legs in anticipation of what was coming. I let go like crazy enjoying every minute of this cock and soon I had him to the point where he couldn’t hold on any longer and delivered a load and an orgasm that I call one of the best this year!



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