MilitaryClassified – DILLINGER 5


DILLINGER returns and this tough cookie has been very proud of the fact that he doesn’t fuck raw but today I’ve convinced this guy, through testing and a lot of money, to get him to fuck me raw and deliver his str8 load up my ass! Well the money was right and the convincing worked because today DILLINGER gets schooled on big long loads in and out of an ass!
DILLINGER was a little nervous today because he hasn’t done any bareback scenes to date and compound that with the fact that he’s not attracted to guys and you have a model that is nervous about how his performance will turn out. Once I sat him down at the edge of the bed and began talking to him about when he got laid, etc.. and apparently Dillinger has been quite the busy model since I last saw him.
Once the cameras started rolling Dillinger was still in the same mood and I was of course, trying to get him to open up but that always doesn’t work. Dillinger sat there listening to directions and basically getting this movie started by spreading his legs with an open mind and massive Italian sausage that blew almost everyone away.
The sucking lead to some well needed and deserved anal fucking and because Dillinger was ready to stick his dick inside my ass and make this a real competition so I told him to sit there while I began to do my work. I literally moved my way close to Dillinger’s cock and before i knew it, I was getting hits and had people say hello.
Dillinger had it two ways.. sitting down on the edge of the bed as I rode him literally having him do absolutely nothing in return as I bounced up and down to high heaven. That was nothing compared to other position Dillinger fucked and that was doggie style. Dillinger took to it like a duck to water and soon he was giving me the warning that his load went in my ass and out! Enjoy!


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