LatinLoads – Latin Big Guns – Luvan Leroy, Alberto Paz, Tenoch Sanz


Cornered in the kitchen, beautiful and exotic LUVAN LEROY finds himself sandwiched between ALBERTO PAZ and TENOCH SANZ’s butt breaking dick bulges. Taking aim, each of them targets and fills the warm wet hole, stretching it open, priming LUVAN for a power pounding.

The need to nut takes over and the two tops get out of the mess hall and into the messy hole. Moving from kitchen to bedroom turns up the heat as they tag team and tear into Luvan and his eager manhole.

The boys don’t hold back, BANG, BANG, BANGING that bottom and making him their bitch. Unleashing their uncut ass wrecking arsenal, leaves that puta in a puddle of fresh cum.



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